All elements of the map have been verified. The map contains verified residential and commercial addresses, fire hydrants, traffic signals, street names and color coding for churches, schools, parks and vacant lots. All stake and ward information has been verified from the LDS church web site. Please note that if your Stake has stewardship for more than one set of missionaries, then a map should be purchased for each set of Missionaries. Lamination and mounting is available but not required.

     There is also a PDF file available for each Stake or Ward map for your Smartphones. With the PDF file copied to your phone you are able to zoom in on the map to street level and view where your destination is.
    Utah mapping is a small home business and therefore your map can be customized in any way you need it for a nominal fee.

$  75.00  One full color printed WARD wall map (non-laminated and not


$ 125.00  One full color printed MEMBER wall map (non-laminated and                            not mounted). This map has small addresses with large parcels so

                member names can be written on the map.

$ 125.00  Two full color printed STAKE wall maps (one for the missionaries)

$  50.00  Each additional color printed wall map for other purposes. when

                ordered together with Stake or Ward maps.

$    TBA  Lamination only (H x W = Inches x $5.00) 

$    TBA  Mounting on foam core (H x W = Inches x $5.00)

$  85.00  Mounting and lamination (besides printing)

$  25.00  Unlimited printing from PDF file.

$  25.00  2 Tabloid (11" X 17") size laminated Ward full color print.

All prices add taxes.

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Please call me if you have any questions

Michael Dishong

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