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   UTAH MAPPING was created in 2000 as a result of the frustration of Michael L. Dishong trying to find addresses for delivery points on his pizza route. Even though GPS was available, you still had to locate the house you were trying to get to by seeing the address on the mail box, the street curb, on the house or above the garage door, wherever it may be. Sometimes darkness and first snowfall made it virtually impossible. Snow and darkness also made it impossible sometimes to see the street names. So after getting some parcel maps from the county and verifying each address and street name (and street numbers) UTAH MAPPING was born.

  The first city which was to be "neighborized" was the township of Kearns followed by the township of Magna, the township of Copperton and Taylorsville City. Soon to be completed cities are South Salt LakeWest Jordan and West Valley. All of Salt Lake County is scheduled to be 'neighborized' throughout 2022 and 2023.

Michael L. Dishong, Owner/Operator Utah Mapping

Michael L. Dishong


Utah Mapping

   UTAH MAPPING feels obligated and committed to supplying current and accurate maps to private citizens and public commercial businesses, as well as those who serve in law enforcement, fire and rescue teams and those companies and individuals who protect our national security. Our customers have come to expect from us a level of accuracy that can not be found with any other company. Our customers look to UTAH MAPPING for all of their mapping needs and our incredible after sale service. We try to deliver on these expectations every time one of our maps are purchased. At UTAH MAPPING we believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed!

  The Mission of UTAH MAPPING is two-fold: (1) To offer accurate maps to the public and (2) to keep updated information on all our maps. That means that we will strive with all our efforts to maintain our maps with the most recent information available through our continued research and verification of data received from all of our resources. No one could ask for anything more! Aside from human error, we keep our maps practically perfect in every way!

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