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We know your neighborhood!


  At Utah Mapping we want to make sure that you get the most accurate and updated map available, that's why each of our square mile maps are 'neighborized' which means that we physically authenticate each address and street name on our maps. We actually visit each building and verify the address personally. If the address is not anywhere on the house, the garage, the mail box, the street curb or the trash can (which is the usual 5 places the address can be found) then we knock on the door and ask what the address is. Each street name and number is verified as well. 

  Where space permits, we place the business name and phone number on the commercial parcel. Some commercial parcels are too small like in strip malls to place the business information on the parcial so we only place the address on the parcel.

  Utah Mapping updates our maps every six months to make sure all data on the maps are accurate and up to date. We recertify each business name and phone number that are on our maps. 

  Utah Mapping creates 15 different types of maps. A brief definition of each type of map is listed below. Check them out and see which type of map you need to use. You'll really believe us when we say "we know the neighborhood."

1. Square Mile Maps


A "square mile map" is in all reality, the core of Utah Mapping. We certify and physically verify each address and every street name within the square mile we are working in. Any square mile is available for purchase individually, in a book or wihin an area wall map. To view the status of square miles that have been completed click on the link below:    CHECK STATUS   

2. Area Wall Maps


Area wall maps consists of as many square miles as is necessary to display the area that is needed. An area wall map may show a city and it's boundary. However, it must be remembered that a square mile, when displayed, measures 11 inches by 11 inches. So where as a city may only have a few square miles in it, it could be too long to display. To view city boundaries & square miles   CLICK HERE  

3. Area Map Books



4. LDS Stake/Ward Maps



5. Political Precinct Maps



4. Area Map Books


6. Neighborhood Maps


Our 'Neighborhood Map' is actually that. It is a 'neighborhood area' that can consists of any size area. One street, one block or many blocks. These are usually maps that are custom created just for you but with out the 'high prices' that accompany 'custom work.' Just let us know what area(s) you want in your neighborhood map and we'll help you 'know the neighborhood' also!

7. Paper Route Maps



8. Neighborhood Watch Maps



9. C.E.R.T. Maps



13. Transportation Maps



14. Boundary Maps



15. Apartment Maps



12. BSA District Maps



11. School Border Maps



10. Delivery Routes Maps




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