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Welcome to the World of Visual Mapping!
 Utah Mapping performs a procedure on each square mile that we called 'neighborizing.' This is where our 'field workers' drive by every house in each neighborhood and visually verify each building address. An address should be found in 1 of 6 places: Painted on the  curb, placed above the garage door, above or near the front entry door, on the garage, or placed on a rock or some other item somewhere in the grass. We check each area to make sure we have the correct data for our maps. If the address is not found in one of those areas, we then check the trash dumpster. The address is usually written there by the waste company's truck drivers. Finally if there is no address found, we will knock on the door to check with the occupants for the address confirmation. Utah Mapping also verifies each street name and number. Besides occasional human errors, our maps are 'practically perfect' in every way! Click on any of the samples below to view a large image.

Samples of 'neighborized' maps in Magna Township

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